Salyna Gracie "Hawk Moth V"

Salyna Gracie "Hawk Moth V"
Salyna Gracie "Hawk Moth V"

Salyna Gracie "Hawk Moth V"


Salyna Gracie (Twisp)

Hawk Moth V
mixed media encaustic
8" x 6"
framed and ready to hang

My work as a mixed media encaustic artist explores movement, language and visual symbols that reveal the universal experience woven through the deeply personal terrain of inner truth. The layering of materials often evokes dreamscapes that are at once mystical and confessional, exploring questions of identity, memory, legacy and inheritance. 

Maps are a recurring foundational element in my work, illustrating the Greek concept of Sympatheia, the idea that all life is reunited with the Earth and we are all part of the same energy. My newer work with botanical studies further explores this feeling that the universe is an indivisible, unified living organism endlessly created anew.

My art continues to evolve as I combine encaustic, printmaking techniques, collage, painting, bookbinding and beadwork. Mounted on simple wooden panels, each work transcends its humble materials to become, for me, a livingaltar of spirit.  

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