Tania Kupczak "Not Afraid Of: II"

Tania Kupczak "Not Afraid Of II"
Tania Kupczak "Not Afraid Of II"

Tania Kupczak "Not Afraid Of: II"


Tania Kupczak (Seattle)

Not Afraid Of: II
ink, acrylic on acid-free vellum
framed to 5" x 7"
ready to hang

About this Series:
"not afraid of…
After being confronted last autumn with some very scary things, I started drawing images which named things I was NOT afraid of, in order to help calm myself and restore my sense of safety and power. The boxwood wreath is always the first drawn element, providing a safe circle to begin in. In the spirit of a tarot deck, this series now is named only with Roman numerals, since I hope that your individual interpretation will lead to meanings which have resonance with your current moment."

"I'm a discourse surfer in theater, dance, film, and visual art. I do production design and set decoration for motion pictures, design sets for live performance as well as create title sequences. I draw and paint, and lately have started to learn how to bend neon. I enjoy collaboration. I believe that when they censor our words, visual art will be our path of resistance."

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