Claire Mack "Oracle Study III"

Claire Mack "Oracle Study III"
Claire Mack "Oracle Study III"

Claire Mack "Oracle Study III"


Claire Mack (Seattle)

Oracle Study III
mixed media, collage on paper
8" x 10" (framed in gold frame)
ready to hang

"I was born in 1965, a native Californian, though I've spent most of my life in the cool, rainy, moss-covered landscape of the Pacific Northwest.  My first memories of painting involved dabbing watercolor on a sheet of paper and folding it over so that the two sides would mix and imprint on each other, creating a most magical and transcendent experience in my 5 year old brain.

In 1987 I received a BFA from the California College of Arts in Painting. Over the years, making art has continued to be a source of transcendence for me. I believe that art has a profound healing influence on both the artist and the viewer.  Through the depiction of beauty, truth, and recognition of the human condition, our spirits are uplifted and connected on a deeper level.  
Most of my pieces are built up on panels or canvas using multiple layers that may include paint, charcoal, antique and decorative papers, thread, fabric, gold leaf, wax, pencil, and crayon."

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