Brenda Bryan "Talisman III"

Brenda Bryan "Talisman III"


Brenda Bryan (Seattle)

Talisman III
wood, cotton, wool
3” x 10”
The talisman is a symbol of luck and protection. When creating a talisman as when creating anything, intention is key. 
The trio of talismans were created with the intention of protection for the home and with the intention to provide the keeper with strength in mind, body and thought. To be used together or separately.

Brenda loves working with a variety of mediums. This exploration consistently relates back to the mystical qualities, beauty and inner-connectivity between humanity and nature. While on a month long surfing safari in Mexico, Brenda discovered and began to create fiber art. Coming from a background in millinery and avant garde fashion design, she felt a natural connection to the world of fiber and textile art. She describes her textile work as boho goth meets the avant garde. 
In addition to fiber and textile art, Brenda continues to create wearable art.

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