Carrie Albert "Pennaform I"

Carrie Albert "Pennaform I"


Carrie Albert (Seattle)

Pennaform I
glitter, ink, pencil and oil pastel on paper
approx. 5.5” x 5” (framed to 10” x 8, float mounted with archival matting)

The oldest symbols found on ancient cave walls date back tens of thousands of years. Before alphabets, a limited number of basic shapes, including dots, lines, v’s, spirals, hands, feathery tree-like penniforms . . . are believed to be the beginnings of graphic communications. 

Carrie Albert is attracted to this Stone Age painted writing as she is both a visual artist and poet. Her works, exhibited and published nationally, are currently featured in Seattle at Four Corners Art & Frame and Interfaith Community Sanctuary. 

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