Don De Leva "Marleana"

Don De Leva "Marleana"


Don De Leva (Seattle)

Marleana, 2018
Acrylic on wood, 5” x 7”
ready to hang

”I grew up in Southern California, went to school in Northern California and got a masters in printmaking in Illinois. Most of my influences are from Art History and the Chicago industrial music scene. Once I got to Seattle I realized the NorthWest would make a great home. I found work in the industrial print sector and slowly moved my way into coding websites.

My paintings are metaphoric portraits of people as their abstracted online personalities. If social media and search engines and took your personal data, projected self-image, physical appearance, and mental states of mind and then created an avatar of your “Metaphoric Self-Image,” I would like to think that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter might make your avatar look like these paintings. Think of them as “TrueData” portraits of what you will look like, born from the internet...

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