Jessica Bishop "Manto"

Jessica Bishop "Manto"


Jessica Bishop (Seattle)

5” x 7” (framed to 6.25” x 8.25”)
digital illustration

”I'm a freelance artist and indie game developer. I received my Bachelor of Arts at Columbia College Chicago, where I focused on both Art + Design and Interactive Arts + Media. I work in both digital and traditional media. I am also the founder of Sassy Chicken LLC, which I use to focus on the development of my story (and video game) Bear Who Paints. My interests beyond creating are drinking ciders, petting my dog, reading history books, and watching Bigfoot documentaries.
I am strongly influenced by my background as a game developer, which inspires me to use art as a way to build new worlds. Often using visuals of outer space as a foundation, I seek to show humans and animals in vibrant, abstract landscapes that transport you to a new dimension. I draw inspiration from the occult, esotericism, folklore, mythology, history, and nature.”

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