Kellii Wood "Forbidden Love I, II"

Kellii Wood "Forbidden Love I, II"


Kellii Wood (Alaska)

Forbidden Love I, II
pen, mixed media on wood panel
4” x 4” each (set of 2 pieces, 8” x 8” total size)

Kellii Wood is an artist residing in Petersburg, Alaska. She grew up in Northern California and moved to Alaska after marrying her commercial fisherman husband in 2007. She works full time as a rockfish biologist, while raising her two daughters and a gaggle of pets along with her husband in Alaska. Kellii's art primarily consists of ink pen and acrylic on wood panels. Her inspiration is based on her Alaskan surroundings and California background. The animals and Alaskan life she encounters daily, as a marine biologist, can be seen as inspiration in her doodles.

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