Kimera Wachna "At Long Last"

Kimera Wachna "At Long Last"


Kimera Wachna (Gracemere Woods, Seattle)
Kimera is our featured artist for this year’s exhibit! She is offering a special collection of new works (inc. a couple under $300)

At Long Last
acrylic on 4.75" free fallen birch
ready to hang

”Gracemere Woods is a small craft company using free fallen, recycled, and damaged branches as a canvas. Harvested from my backyard woods, or collected from friends, each piece of wood is as unique as the original art painted or wood burned on it. 
Every tree has a story, one of survival, death, and in my hopes, rebirth. I forage fallen branches after a storm or wood waiting to be tossed or burned. Utilizing its natural beauty paired with my own vision has in a way kept its story going.
Gracemere Woods pieces have now been adopted by people around the world, and my hope is that it brings joy, love, self-empowerment, connection, and a little bit of magic into their daily lives. Living in gratitude everyday for all the ongoing support that keeps this dream alive.”

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