Sabel Roizen "So Below"

Sabel Roizen "So Below"


Sabel Roizen (Seattle)

So Below
4” x 10”
metal print
ready to hang

These images explore the relationship between space, time, and physics. The source images were taken looking down from a helicopter. Normal 3D projections use two cameras at the same time, but these images are given the same treatment while being taken from a single camera at marginally different points in time. Some channels are taken from one image and paired with channels from the second photo. This is a very familiar aesthetic transformed through an atypical production process to show movement in a different light.

Sabel is inexorably fascinated by the way photographic technologies allow humans to visualize what the organic eye cannot synthesize on its own.  They work to create impressions that collapse the otherwise persistent limitations of space and time on human experience.

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