Sara Everett "Mended Measure 10.4"

Sara Everett "Mended Measure 10.4"


Sara Everett (Seattle)

Mended Measure 10.4
watercolor, acrylic & thread on paper
5” x 7” (framed)

”In 2015 I ripped up my first painting on canvas. It was loud, visceral and very satisfying. By so violently highlighting the destructive part of the creative process, I was able make something that needed mending. Stitching these pieces back together was a way to heal and to try and make right. By first exploring endangered animals, and now endangered landscapes, these canvases that are torn and cut and then stitched back together appease a small part of my simmering frustration with our current GOP’s environmental policies. These pieces act as totems for species and places that are barely hanging on by a thread.
My work has been shown in Seattle galleries and internationally in Ireland, Finland and Monaco. I've been an awardee of the Vermont Studio Center Artist Fellowship and a printmaking residency in Co. Donegal, Ireland. As well as being a working painter, I also consult as a curator for real estate development in the Seattle area, and serve on the Board of Directors of Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art.”

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