Saskia Huitema "Leon Nemeos"

Saskia Huitema "Leon Nemeos"


Saskia Huitema (Utrecht)

Leon Nemeos
acrylic on canvas
7” x 9.5”

Saskia Huitema, born 1975, a self taught artist, works from her home in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her favorite subject is her daughter who models for her and undergoes multiple transformations according to the theme of the piece. Saskia’s attraction to the low brow art movement and pop culture shows in her art. Her realistic pieces- often with a touch of fantasy- evoke a mood of mystery and enchantment.

"In my art I aim to portray beauty and emotions, weave tales and connect with nature. I find my inspiration in flora and fauna, girls becoming women, Art Nouveau and the bygone era of the 'Roaring Twenties'. I seek to evoke the sense of mystery, wonder and enchantment which can be found all around us if you just look hard enough." 

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