Tina Lynn Ellis "Magical Creatures"

Tina Lynn Ellis "Magical Creatures"


Tina Lynn Ellis (CA)

Magical Creatures
acrylic on canvas board
6” x 8” (framed in white ornate frame)
ready to hang

Tina Lynn Ellis is a self taught Doll Artist/Small Scale Sculptor and Painter living in California’s Monterey Bay Area. Having been diagnosed with agoraphobia and severe anxiety disorder as a child and Bi-Polar II in early adulthood Tina finds art an essential tool for living with Mental and Physical Illness. Tina’s work is a way to express and expose the difficulties of living with one’s own thoughts while trying to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. The bumps, bruises and triumphs we all face in this life are always first and foremost in her subject matter. While  often dealing with dark themes Tina’s work expresses itself through a use of bright colors, symbols and surreal images; often erring on the side of whimsy. No matter which medium she chooses to work with conveying her thoughts on these matters while leaving an open ended conversation with the viewer is her goal. Tina believes that the arts being open and honest about Mental Illness is an essential part of Mental Health Advocacy and wishes to be an aide in that cause.

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