Zoee Xiao "Red Temple"

Zoee Xiao "Red Temple"


Zoee Xiao (Seattle)

Red Temple
watercolor on paper
8” x 10” (framed in white frame)

Zoee is a watercolor painter, currently based in Seattle. She is most focused on colorful and lively landscapes, seascapes and urban scenes.
She grew up in a beautiful southern town in China, where raised her passion in visual art and nature. She was trained strictly under a professional local artist in her teenage years, practicing still life using pencil. After grown up, she chose to pursue her passion of art in the CGGT program in University of Pennsylvania, which is a program teaching gaming and animation technology. After several years as an engineer in the gaming industry, experiencing young professional struggles of juggling work life balance in a high paced urban life, she shifted her passion of art to paint lively scenery she sees. Painting’s therapeutic power has helped her greatly when dealing with modern working-class struggles, and she wants to share the healing power with anyone else who needs it.

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