Immortal Perfumes Baby Vamp: Theda Bara Perfume

Immortal Perfumes Baby Vamp: Theda Bara Perfume



Notes: Tonka Bean, Dragon’s Blood, Smoke, Labdanum, Orchid

History’s first goth and Hollywood’s first sex symbol, Theda Bara was a massive star in the late 1910s and early 1920s. Her first role, “The Vampire,” solidified her dark and alluring public image and started the vamp trend of dark makeup and seductive clothing.

Theda was a non-traditional star in every sense of the term. She didn’t meet her destiny until she was almost 30, an age when most actresses were already finished. In fact, Theda was one of the first in Hollywood to lie about her age. But that’s not where her half-truths ended. In an effort to drum up her mysterious allure, Fox Studios sensationalized her bio claiming she was the daughter of a tryst between an artist and an Arabian princess and that she was a practitioner of the occult.

At the time, the term “Baby Vamp” was used to describe trendy, popular young ladies who wore dark clothing and makeup. This homage to “Madame Mystery” has notes of orchid, labdanum, fire, tonka bean and dragon’s blood. Unleash your inner vamp.

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