Krisna Schumann "Fragments No Longer II"

Krisna Schumann "Fragments No Longer II"
Krisna Schumann "Fragments No Longer II"

Krisna Schumann "Fragments No Longer II"


Krisna Schumann (Seattle)

Fragments No Longer II, 2017
oil on canvas
32" x 30"
ready to hang
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"I treat painting as a game of spatial ambiguity wherein shapes are laid out in successive moves. As various forms take shape, the interplay between these elements defines the painting's character. Managing this multitude of dynamics is the purpose of the painter.
My process is grounded by both informed experimentation and playful intuition. Constructing the canvases from the ground up gives me control over their quality and specificity of dimension. In the act of building and preparing my supports, I am visualizing potential scenarios that might play out in the work. Sometimes the paintings begin with areas of detail that flourish to cover the canvas. In other cases, they start life as a grid, or as broad marks across the canvas that then give way to more nuanced structures. Over time, the series forms a cohort and a shared dialogue spans the canvases. Meanwhile, each painting maintains a language internal to itself through which it forges a unique identity.
A painting feels finished once it accomplishes a sensation of arrival; an elusive yet inevitable conclusion to its beginnings."

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