Michael Alm "Sheep's Leg"

Michael Alm "Sheep's Leg"
Michael Alm "Sheep's Leg"

Michael Alm "Sheep's Leg"


Michael Alm (Seattle)

Sheep's Leg, 2014
27” x 5” x 7”
ready to hang
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Michael Alm is a Seattle based mixed media sculptor. His lifelike and intricate animal anatomy studies address wildness, native nature, and the dynamics of animal movement. Each sculpture is imbued with the passion he has for wildlife and anatomy. Alm's understanding of materials and techniques is unique and has been distilled from years of development in his studio.

Inspired by biology, natural history, and exploration, Alm spends much of his time researching animal physiology, and reading biographies of the naturalists who have expanded this field. Not unlike natural history museums, Alm brings his audience face to face with the beauty, oddity, and fragility of nature - a pointed reminder of its power and importance.

Alm's work has been featured in a number of nationally recognized galleries including Roq La Rue Gallery, Hellion Gallery, Ghost Gallery and Modern Eden Gallery.  Alm holds a BFA in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis. 

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