Chris Crites "Pickpocket and Thief"

Chris Crites "Pickpocket and Thief"
Chris Crites "Pickpocket and Thief"
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Chris Crites "Pickpocket and Thief"


Chris Crites (Seattle)

Pickpocket and Thief
7” x 5” acrylic on paper bag
framed and ready to hang

"Besides my ongoing obsession with mugshot imagery, I have long been fascinated by Australia and its history and colonization. (It is also in my opinion the canary in the coal mine when it comes to global climate change). When Peter Doyle published two books, City of Shadows and Crooks Like Us that were full of vintage Australian mugshots and crime photos, I was ecstatic.
This series of arrest photographs from the 1920's is a continuation of my examining characters discarded by history because of their supposed nefarious activities. By recycling these images and using a recycled substrate, the paper bag, I bring new life to these peoples’ stories and re-examine our relationships with society."

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