The Creeping Moon 2019 Lunar Phase Calendar

The Creeping Moon 2019 Lunar Phase Calendar


A beautiful lunar phase calendar poster for 2019.

The artwork was created by The Creeping Moon, and printed on sturdy 11x14” smooth matte card stock, with silver foil accents for the moon phases. The flowers on the margins are datura and queen of the night, two flower species which bloom at night. 

Please note that up that due to the unique printing process, the moon phases may print slightly off-register from the artwork. This is hardly noticeable except upon very close inspection. 
Also note that the exact moon shape for each day may vary slightly from what you see in the night sky, due to your location. This poster is not meant to be 100% accurate, but I have based my data from multiple reliable sources, so it’s as accurate as I can make it! 

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