Tiny Fat Bird Mini Sessile Necklace

Tiny Fat Bird Mini Sessile Necklace


Tiny Fat Bird (Seattle)

Sessile Necklaces: Recycled Sterling Silver & 18k Gold shapes that have been hand cut, finished by hand, hammered with a lined texture to catch the light. 
Tiny Curve: Approximately 1/4" Wide, 1/3" Tall
15" oxidized sterling chain

"Patinated to make the gold pop, this is one of my favorite necklaces. Each of these necklaces is handmade, and there will be slight variations from piece to piece. Typically, I do three or four gold dots on each, but the effect will be different for each one. They are a bit wabi-sabi, but I never send out a necklace that I don't love!
Each piece you see here has been designed & hand fabricated by me in my tiny jewelry studio in Seattle WA! I source my precious metals from Hoover & Strong, a refiner whose entire precious metal supply is recycled, & the brass & bronze I use is alloyed without nickel. All Tiny Fat Bird work is nickel-free."

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