New Media

Currently featuring the video art of Ko Kirk Yamahira Kirk Yamahira is a Seattle-based artist from New York City. Kirk has been a member of lower east-side NY based international artist collective group "the ConArtist" since 2011, and has participated in several art events such as The Life catching Project: a collaboration between ConArtist and NBC Universal that found and exhibited emerging contemporary artists. He also works with NY-based interior designers, and participated in the charity events "Design on a Dime" for 2011-2013.
On September 2013, Kirk founded a Japanese artist collective group ART BEASTIES based in NYC. The collective seeks to broaden and deepen the understanding of contemporary Japanese art, promoting individuality and diversity of aesthetics separate from dominant exported Japanese pop-culture, offering the audience a view into the works of artists whose practice centers on the individual and academic exploration of self-identity; artists brought together by a common goal of expanding the context of what it means to be an artist in a global world.

"Me, myself and Poly" One day, Poly met herself at the rooftop somewhere. Since then, she felt that she is not the only Poly who exists. She started to think about her "self" [existence] and describe the reason of many Poly [herself]...
Poly and Rabbit Muranaka Takumi - Sound "E.N.D" Koosuke IRKT IKEDA - Writer and Director "私と私自身とポリー" ポリーがある日何処か屋上で彼女自身と再会する。それを期に彼女は自分自身が一人だけで 存在していないのではと感じる。そして自分の存在意義又沢山存在するであろう自分自身 の事を考え始める。