Akira Ohiso "5610"

Akira Ohiso "5610"
Akira Ohiso "5610"

Akira Ohiso "5610"


Akira Ohiso (Seattle)

Now on View at Front Seat, located on the 4th floor of the Oddfellows Bldg (915 E. Pine St, Ste 401). On view through early July, contact for shipping and pickup times.

5610, 2016
digital print
19.75” x 19.75” framed
ready to hang

Akira Ohiso is an artist, writer and musician who gained popularity as an outspoken blogger and social media voice. He was the co-founder and editor of Green Door Magazine, an upstate New York publication that promoted green living.

He received his Masters of Social Work degree in 2003 and worked for years in the social services profession. His invaluable experience working with vulnerable populations continues to inform his engagement in the digital world.

A transplant to Seattle, his digital drawings document the unyielding gentrification and displacement of a city that creates great wealth and great suffering. He is married and lives in Ballard’s West Woodland neighborhood with his three children.

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