Casey Brookbush "Audrey"

Casey Brookbush "Audrey"
Casey Brookbush "Audrey"

Casey Brookbush "Audrey"


Casey Brookbush (Seattle)
Now on View at Rocco's Lounge in Belltown, 2228 Second Ave. Please contact for shipping/pickup options. Exhibit on view through early January 2018, but can arrange earlier shipping/pickup if needed. 

acrylic on canvas
20" x 20"

The fusion of music and art colliding into a beautiful symphony has bred the notorious painting style of artist Casey Brookbush. He was born into a family with a father whose blood coursed with the same artistic passion, and was known for painting his western type scenes and classic cars. The need to discover and develop his own creativity led Casey into the music industry here in the Northwest where he was mostly known as a founding member and drummer for "The Oswald Effect". His artistic direction had also taken him to a full time career working in the environmental graphics industry as a project manager, and most currently, an account executive for a large Seattle firm, where you can see his elaborate work throughout the city of Seattle and around the globe.
After spending ten plus years as a musician, he left the band to pursue his passion of painting, and the art world would forever be changed.

Casey notes this about his style and flow, "I start backwards with black, then build up light, which is opposite than most painters". The synergy of music and paint working together inspires some of the most extraordinary, bold, iconic, mesmerizing and evocative art.

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