Debra Stewart "Small Color Study I"

Debra Stewart "Small Color Study I"
Debra Stewart "Small Color Study I"
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Debra Stewart "Small Color Study I"


Debra Stewart (Seattle)

Small Color Study 1
resin, mica, pigments on birch board
5" x 7"
ready to hang

"My name is Debra, and I've been captivated by the natural world and science since I was the small 3 year old girl that brought a dead bird to my mother, hoping she could fix it. My nose was always in a book and my head in dreams of trees. 
Ever since I have searched for ways to communicate my feelings about nature and color via art. In 2017 I began to work in the medium of resin, and found my voice. My visions of color, depth and the elements came to life under layers and layers of pigmented epoxy resin. 
I hope to convey through my art my passion for water, geology, amorphous shape and form, and my visions of the infinite- the lifeforms in a drop of water, the fire in a cup of lava, the millions of years in a small layered rock- and for the viewer to have an emotional tug linking my art to a memory in their natural world."

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