Julie Kim "Mountain Friend"

Julie Kim "Mountain Friend" Giclee Print
Julie Kim "Mountain Friend"
Julie Kim "Mountain Friend" Giclee Print
Julie Kim "Mountain Friend"

Julie Kim "Mountain Friend"


Julie Kim (Seattle)
Now on View at Front Seat, located on the 4th floor of the Oddfellows Bldg
On view through early May. Contact for payment options, shipping and/or pickup details.

Mountain Friend, 2017
"I was imagining a cold magenta snow-y mountain-scape. Something that was frigid but soft like ice cream."
Available as a 16" x 16" giclée print on 100% cotton heavyweight paper. 
310 gsm with a slight texture. Edition of 30 signed and numbered prints.
*Original painting is NFS*

“This work is exploring an inner landscape, observing the conflict between two belief systems. One that believes in magic and the ineffable, and the other that believes in logic and the quantifiable. Both systems meet on paper, as the unpredictable nature of watercolor flows through structure and logic. The materials reflect this synthesis with a combination of natural and synthetic colors. As our lives become increasingly structured around algorithms and numbers, I want to invite coincidence and handmade intention back in. Each painting finds a rhythm and balance
between those two worlds.”
Julie Kim is a visual artist & designer. Since earning her BFA in painting & drawing, she has been painting in the mountain-nestled town of Seattle. She is inspired by empty space and shifting light, taking the time to observe both in her life.

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