Odette Allen "Dune Canyons"

Odette Allen "Dune Canyons"
Odette Allen "Dune Canyons"

Odette Allen "Dune Canyons"


Odette Allen (Seattle)
Now on view at Front Seat through August, located on the 4th floor of the Oddfellows Bldg. Contact for viewing appt, shipping and pickup options.

Dune Canyons, 2018
14” x 18” acrylic on canvas
ready to hang 

Focusing on deserts and coral reefs, My goal with this work is to draw our attention to the stark beauty of these environments, while also opening a dialog about our own vulnerability within the natural environment. With the rise of global warming, environments like reefs and deserts are some of the most vulnerable; a shift of a few degrees and the whole ecosystem can collapse. Human life survives in such places, but we are equally vulnerable to small shifts in our environment.

Our instincts dictate that we shy away from our natural vulnerabilities, wrapping ourselves in layers and habits of defense. Such an instinct supports survival, but denies us a degree of awe at the serendipity of our continued existence. There is a beauty and sensuality in life close to the edge of safety, where there is little room for error. Each moment feels precious and sacred because it may be one of the last. Accepting our inherent vulnerability is one of the first steps toward thoughtful decisions about how to live in balance with the environment, instead of living in a state of fear based exploitation.

I feel a call within myself to live closer to the edge, to abandon the pretense of safety for the brutal authenticity of knowing exactly how close to danger I actually stand. At the same time, I want to document not only the beauty of vulnerable environments, but also how we feel about them. Our feelings of awe, joy, fear or indifference all influence our choices about the environment.

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