Stasia Burrington "Hold Close"

Stasia Burrington "Hold Close"
Stasia Burrington "Hold Close"

Stasia Burrington "Hold Close"


Stasia Burrington (Seattle)

Hold Close
watercolour & ink on paper, 16"x20"

On view through August 2017 at Stylus Salon in Belltown, 2321 Second Ave. Please contact for shipping outside the US or pickup options. Payment options also available, please contact before checking out.

"I believe in visual art’s power to communicate the nuances that we haven’t yet learned in words. I believe in the imperfect, the cracked, the broken, the aging – the quiet beauty that is so subtle that it could easily be overlooked, but when noticed, stops time. I crave a simpler, quieter way of life, a more accepting attitude towards existence, and I know we all crave beauty; our definition of beauty needs only to be pried a little wider. The stains in our favorite teacups – the wrinkles around our eyes – the uneven stitches in a hand-knit quilt, these are full of the energy of age, the power of being loved over and over again. A reclaiming of heritage is in order in a world where it’s easier to throw away than to mend. An embracing of our “flaws” is in order, to be kinder to ourselves, and to be kinder to the world."

~ Stasia

Stasia Burrington was born in Texas, raised in Montana and now lives in SeaTac with her favorite man and two cats. She's a full time artist, doing custom work and nurturing her little online shop. You can find her most often at home, coffee-cup ever present, working while piled under blankets and furtively watching sci-fi in the background. 
At times she's aspired to be: an astronaut, magician, Lara-Croft type action-adventurer, and a children's book illustrator. One of which is actually now the case!

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