ZODI Astrological Enamel Pins

ZODI Astrological Enamel Pins


Each ZODI Cloisonné hard enamel pin features the glyph (symbol) of its zodiac sign. Wear your Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign or get all three! Wear the signs of your North and South Lunar Nodes! Wear the sign that feels most prominent in your chart, for you….There are endless ways to wear your astro with ZODI enamel pins.

Cloisonne is an ancient metalworking technique developed centuries ago in China during the Ming dynasty. The craft is a multi-step enamel process used to create jewelry, vases, and other decorative items. Also called hard enamel, cloisonné lapel pins are true jewelry grade products. The art of cloisonne; uses "frit" (glass crushed to a powder and mixed with water to create a paste) to fill the recessed areas in your design. The frit is added to the design, similar to a paint by number process. The cloisonné pins are then baked at 1600°F to melt the frit, which flows smoothly and fills all voids. Baking the pin at these temperatures hardens the frit - thus the term "hard enamel."

Product Details:

  • Pins are 1” diameter, round, gold plated with black enamel

  • A military clutch clasp on the back ensures the pins hold snuggly and stay in place

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