Couch Microscopy "Ciliate (Nassula sp.) Dying"

Couch Microscopy "Ciliate (Nassula sp.) Dying"


Julia Van Etten aka Couch Microscopy (NJ)

Ciliate (Nassula sp.) dying. 200x magnification. Brightfield microscopy
8” x 10” print
comes in protective sleeve with cardboard backing

Julia Van Etten is a microscope enthusiast and occasional painter located in New Jersey. She currently works as a Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology but all of her images and videos are taken from a microscope set up at her couch at home. As often as she can, Julia ventures out to scummy bodies of water with a plankton net and some jars and collects microscopic specimens to observe. She thinks microscopy is an underutilized and super rewarding art form that anyone can learn and aims to make it more accessible as a hobby to non-scientists. For more content and information, find her on Instagram: @couch_microscopy.

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