AJ Hawkins "The Spiritcatcher"

AJ Hawkins "The Spiritcatcher"


AJ Hawkins (Port Townsend)

The Spiritcatcher
mixed media (acrylic paint on panel, epoxy clay, antique frame).
12” x 20”
This piece features the Edwards’ Beach Moth, which is indigenous to the Puget Sound and considered endangered by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.
”For hundreds of years, moths and butterflies have been inextricably linked to mortality. Their metamorphosis from earth to air evokes the transcendence of spirit, while their role as specialized decomposers makes them integral to the earth’s cycles of destruction and renewal. The Spiritcatcher is a death deity of my own design. The spirits are drawn to her light, and she, finding them beautiful, keeps them in jars and pins them to walls to admire. She does not realize that her love is destructive. Similarly, we cannot always see the ways we harm the environment, and how even our admiration for its beauty can take its toll.”

AJ Hawkins uses fine art as a research medium to explore the living’s relationship to death. Drawing on her background as a painter, sculptor and custom fabricator, AJ often creates hybrid art works that blur the lines between 2- and 3-dimensional, traditional and experimental. Her Kickstarter-funded project, The Reclamation, challenges viewers to choose more environmentally-friendly afterlives by highlighting the value of human decomposition and the necrobiome. Her current work explores her relationship to grief and eternity in the wake of her best friend’s death.

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