Alea Bone "Fender's Blue"

Alea Bone "Fender's Blue"


Alea Bone (OR)

Fender's Blue
Vintage tin assemblage
ready to hang

”Can you hear the bugler putting out the Call to Action to save this butterfly from extinction? The Fender's Blue is an endangered subspecies of butterfly endemic to the prairies of the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Their decline is due to the loss of native prairie habitat as a result of invasive plants and other non-native species, agriculture, fire suppression and development.

My interpretation is pieced together with very old vintage tin. Inspired by folk art crazy quilts that were also made from recycled materials.”

BoneWerx by Alea Bone is mixed-media assemblage art made from found objects and upcycled materials. What started as an Eco-conscious effort to rescue cast off ephemera from gutters and landfills, has grown into an exploration of the stories that discarded objects have to tell, specifically: Bottle caps & Beer cans. The aim is to elevate unexpected materials and blur the lines between the sacred and the profane, high brow and outsider art. It is my intention to create an edgy and irreverent version of a new American folk art.

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