Amber Chiozza "San Juan Island Marble"

Amber Chiozza "San Juan Island Marble"


Amber Chiozza (Everett, WA)

San Juan Island Marble
oil on aluminum
12” x 12”
The Island Marble butterfly is an endangered butterfly specific to the San Juan Islands. The species was thought to be extinct, but was rediscovered in 1998.

Amber Chiozza is an artist currently living and working in the Pacific Northwest, local to Everett, Washington. Originally from Florida, she has always focused on ecology and its relationship with human development. In 2007, she received her BFA in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY, and went on to receive her MFA at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2010. Shortly after, she moved to Seattle, WA, where her fascination with the local topography and insect life took hold. She
frequently travels to research her naturalist subject matter, including a group artist residency to study various insects in the Gatineau Park of Quebec, Canada and a solo residency to research native bees at the Ku Ring Gai Park north of Sydney, Australia.

Amber Chiozza’s focus has been on insects and arachnids for the past decade, particularly in conjunction with human fascination and repulsion with them. There are many ways that humans anthropomorphize their behavior, including mythology and naming systems. Amber often highlights these behaviors, and their importance, in her own work. Their difference in scale, purpose, and form fascinates her, and she create works of art as a means of studying and sharing this fascination. Above all, Amber aims for her work to both educate viewers and rouse curiosity about her chosen subject matter. The world of insects should be examined, and celebrated for its ecological importance to humans, and Amber strives to push this awareness forward with her work.

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