Andromyda Wagenman "Checkerspotted"

Andromyda Wagenman "Checkerspotted"


Andromyda Wagenman (Portland)

Checkerspotted, 2019
oil on stretched canvas
30” x 40”
”This painting celebrates the endangered Taylor's Checkerspot butterfly. This species lives in the prairies of the Pacific Northwest, and has a special relationship with plants specific to that area including figwort, snapdragon, and plantain. These plants and the butterfly itself are shown here in a lively depiction of the grasslands, though sadly, these habitats are under threat. This means that the butterfly has fewer places to lay its eggs, and less to eat. My hope is that this work, included in the effort to raise money for the conservation and care of lepidoptera, may inspire awareness and appreciation in those that view it.”

My name is Andromyda Wagenman (she/her). I am a Portland based artist and student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I work in a wide range of mediums, but my primary focus is painting. My work often references forms in nature, typically the things I come across that leave an impression on me in my everyday life. I think of each painting as a way to celebrate my landscape in an imaginative and poetic way, something that I believe is vital to do in our rapidly changing environment. 

I have shown my work in several small businesses and studios around Portland and Seattle, as well as at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. In the summer of 2019 I participated in a residency with the nonprofit Art+Bio Collaborative, where I collaborated with scientists and other artists to make original site specific work. I have completed several murals in Idaho and Portland, and hope to continue to make and display work in the public sphere. In 2017 I won first place in the Voorhies Drawing Contest, and second place in 2019. I am the most recent recipient of the 2019 Gamblin Paint Award. “

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