Anneke Wilder "Fragility"

Anneke Wilder "Fragility"


Anneke Wilder (Seattle)

watercolor, black gouache on paper, mounted on birch
16” x 20”
ready to hang
”The Fender's Blue Butterfly is an endangered species of butterfly endemic to the Willamette Valley of northwestern Oregon. The butterfly is host-specific on Kincaid's lupine, a rare subspecies of the common sulphur lupine that grows only on the prairies of the Willamette Valley. As agriculture, urbanization, and other development reduce the land on which the lupine grows, the Fender's Blue Butterfly has become endangered as a result. My piece "Fragility" illustrates the urgency of our current environmental state. Like striking a match, humans have swiftly altered the careful and intricate balance of our world without understanding the consequences. Without a quick response, we are left to watch the fire burn out of our control until only ashes remain.”
Educated as both a biologist and artist, the natural world is an endless source of inspiration for me. From the smallest levels of organization (cells, molecules) to communities and ecosystems, life is a complex, delicate network of connections and relationships. I find beauty in the details of these relationships, and my work aims to visually communicate this. 

The majority of my fine art work stems from a fascination with modern scientific concepts of life and death. It investigates the connectivity of human beings to their environment, and places man alongside all other living organisms under the inescapable laws of nature. I draw inspiration from the aesthetics of traditional scientific illustration and surrealism by merging anatomical and botanical illustrations into one continuous form.

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