Brianna LaVarta "Golden Spirits of Calamity"

Brianna LaVarta "Golden Spirits of Calamity"


Brianna LaVarta (CO)

Golden Spirits of Calamity (Gold-Edged Gem)
mixed media
approx. 10” x 12” (including black ornate frame)

This species of moth is native to the Canadian regions of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Its main larval host plant, the prairie sunflower, thrives in large active sand dunes. Unfortunately these dunes are going through stabilization, causing a decline in the amount of the sunflowers remaining in these regions. The loss of habitat has forced the gem moth into a rapid population descent.
“I run my small art business out of my home here in Colorado where I design, create and paint my personal expressions of nature. I was born in the rugged, forests of Colorado's mountains where, naturally, the wilderness and wildlife became the greatest muse for my art. The feral spirits that haunt these mountains have been my biggest passion and greatest influence on my life, and will always have a permanent spot in my heart. 
Over the years I have combined my love for wildlife along with my interest in dark and surrealistic art and used it as inspiration for my paintings. My hope is that through my work I can insinuate the harmonious as well as destructive relationships within nature. I want to depict the subconscious communication species share whether it be through the most simplest terms or complex notions.”

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