Brooke Welsh "El Segundo Blue Butterfly"

Brooke Welsh "El Segundo Blue Butterfly"


Brooke Welsh (Seattle)

El Segundo Blue Butterfly
oil on stretched canvas
12” x 12”
ready to hang

”The El Segundo Blue butterfly is native to the Los Angeles area and has been almost wiped out by the urbanization of the city and invasive grasses that have overwhelmed the plants these butterflies need. With this piece I wanted to demonstrate that the future of these species, and our future for that matter, is literally in our hands. Some things, however, are out of our control. I wanted to also emulate this by trapping these butterflies in a bag almost as if they have just been caught so that they can be protected. My vision for this painting is to place life, whether it’s a butterfly or metaphor, in a space that is completely controlled by human hand.”

Brooke Welsh was born in Bakersfield, CA - about 2 hours north of LA. She graduated from Western WA University in Painting and Fine Arts.

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