Carson Baker "Feralia"

Carson Baker "Feralia"


Carson Baker (Seattle)

acrylic and ink on mylar
14"x17” (framed to 18” x 21”)

”This painting is of a moth in the Feralia genus, which I encountered clinging to a screen door in the San Juan islands. I was initially drawn to this moth for its op-art patterning which mirrors the colors of the spring forest. It took on further meaning when I read Annie Dillard's book Holy the Firm, written when the author was teaching in Bellingham, in which a moth burning up in a candle flame is a central metaphor. The feralia genus moths are not on the endangered list, but their habitat in the forests of the west coast is threatened by climate change. The background of this painting layers the grid of the screen door with an image of a ripped window screen and patterns which evoke embers and smoke.
I am a painter and designer living in Seattle, and have a studio space at the Wisteria building. I make primarily abstract paintings with patterns in nature as source material. My painting process begins with photography and I use image processing and tracing techniques to create layered images on mylar.”

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