Debbie Palmer "Lotis Blue, P.E."

Debbie Palmer "Lotis Blue, P.E."


Debbie Palmer (Seattle)

Lotis Blue, P.E.
Tin on plywood, vintage frame
approx. 7” x 9”

”This piece represents the Lotis Blue butterfly, categorized on the Xerces Society Red List as “critically imperiled (CI)/possibly extinct(PE)”. The image of the Muerta (dead one) is used  because the Lotis Blue is “possibly extinct”.
I have been fascinated with the beauty and variety of tin ever since I received my first tin box- back in the 1950s- full of caramels and with a cat playing with knitting needles and yarn. When I found out that people were using tins and scraps of tin to make beautiful works of art and to tell stories, I was hooked! After working in mosaics, it seemed like a natural progression- taking bits and pieces and arranging them in a different way, fitting them together to create a new story.”

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