Erin Billings "Nectar"

Erin Billings "Nectar"


Erin Billings (Seattle)

Graphite and Watercolor Mounted on Wood Panel
11” x 14”
ready to hang

”This work features three Mardon Skippers (Polites Mardon) flocking to a gentle human hand, overflowing with violet blossoms (Viola Adunca), a source of nectar for the butterflies. I decided to illustrate the Mardon Skipper because they are native to the Northwest. The species is at risk due to the the changing climate and ecosystem of their natural habitat: plains and prairies. Extreme wildfires, invasive plant species, changes in weather, and human influence have had a severe impact on the population. I depicted the butterflies interacting with this gentle hand to emphasize that with conscientiousness and through conservation efforts, human influence doesn't have to be negative.”

Erin Billings is an illustrator and designer living in Seattle. She is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts and the Seattle Central Creative Academy. Her illustration style is influenced by her experience with traditional printmaking, often featuring a line quality reminiscent of engraved copper. Erin is moved by narratives, and above all, wishes to use imagery to convey stories.

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