Heidi Estey "Saint Francis' Satyr"

Heidi Estey "Saint Francis' Satyr"


Heidi Estey (Seattle)

Saint Francis’ Satyr
watercolor on cotton paper
8.5” x 11” (plus frame)

The Saint Francis' satyr (Neonympha mitchellii francisci) is an endangered butterfly found only in the US state of North Carolina. First discovered in 1983, it was officially described in 1989 and listed as a federally endangered species by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 1994. It is a subspecies of N. mitchellii and is only known from a single metapopulation on Fort Bragg military base in Hoke and Cumberland counties.
”I am an illustrator, artist, and craftsperson. I love combining artwork with mechanical things, making new fashions out of ancient visions, swirling past and future together into meaningful eye candy. I am also an avid fan of many other artists, and enjoy the spirituality of making, sharing, and living out my art. Inspirations include: Faerie tales, science fiction, Victoriana, animals, alchemy, weird but cute creatures, and subversive sociological themes (like ladies being free!). I have an annual showing at Gargoyles on The Ave in Seattle (in autumn, of course), and have contributed to many shows, galleries, and art events with my peers.”

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