J. Gordon "Blackburn's Sphinx Moth"

J. Gordon "Blackburn's Sphinx Moth"


J. Gordon (Seattle)

Blackburn's Sphinx Moth
graphite and ink on bristol
9" x 12" (framed to 18" x 15")

In the 1970s it was believed that Blackburn’s sphinx moth was extinct. However, it was rediscovered in 1984 when a single population was found on Maui. Subsequently, populations have also been discovered on Kaho’olawe and Hawaii. Threats to the moth include loss and degradation of habitat from urban and agricultural development, invasion by non-native plant species, habitat fragmentation and degradation, increased wildfire frequency, and disturbance by grazing cattle. In addition, non-native parasitoids and insect predators have directly impacted moth populations and significantly reduced the species’ range. Blackburn’s sphinx moth is also susceptible to over-collection for personal collections or for trade. https://xerces.org/blackburns-sphinx-moth/

"When any part undertakes more than one function then the overall efficiency of the organisation is enhanced. Elegance is achieved when a variety of roles are accepted by each part, permitting the whole to operate at several levels of awareness, with interweaving functions inflecting one to another in a state of equilibrium and flux. It is then that an organisation can acquire the hypersensitive qualities that we associate with life, as though it's chemistry has condensed space itself into a vibrant cauldron of energy. And when the building process is not revealed it can acquire just a hint of magic."
Krome Barrat, "Logic and Design in Art, Science, and Mathematics"

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