Kathryn McDivitt "Ascension of Saturn"

Kathryn McDivitt "Ascension of Saturn"


Kathryn McDivitt (Seattle)

Ascension of Saturn (Polyphemus Moth)
graphite with conte pencil
8” x 8” (plus frame)

Polyphemus moth, which is found from southern Canada down into Mexico. The scientific name, Antheraea polyphemus, is named after the cyclops Polyphemus because of the eyespots found on the moth’s wings. The family name of the species is saturniidae, which is related to the spots on the wings resembling the rings of Saturn. I feel like this ties into the usual subjects of my work, which are science and mythology. The piece is not quite finished, but it’s very close.

Kathryn McDivitt is a Seattle-based graphite artist that is classically trained in multiple mediums. Through her work, she connects modern science with ancient mythologies.

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