Kris Lee "Ghosts of Summer"

Kris Lee "Ghosts of Summer"


Kris Lee (CO)

Ghosts of Summer
Mixed Media: Acrylic, Rice paper, Hand-blown glass, Hardware mesh, Glass Tiles, Paper Clay, Capiz Shells on Canvas, Backlit with Commercial Grade LED Strip Light Canvas is Gallery Wrap, with Finished Sides
20” x 24”
”The butterfly in the work is a Regal Fritillary, a butterfly on the Xerces list of vulnerable/endangered insects. I chose to paint the butterfly with a limited palette to encourage the viewer to imagine a landscape with less color in the future, if conservation efforts are not immediately taken.”

”I am always experimenting with conventional and unconventional media, and for reasons not entirely known to me, seem to have a need to electrify much of my work. I am fascinated by watching unlit artwork dramatically transform into something ethereal when lit at night, with the focus shifting from color and texture by day, to line and composition in utter darkness.
Recurring themes in my work reflect my lifelong passion/obsession for life in the Rocky Mountains, and nature in general. I find myself repeatedly using images of aspen trees, mountains, and indigenous birds/insects, exploring our human place within the natural world.”

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