Lis Wright Ivec "Karner Blue"

Lis Wright Ivec "Karner Blue"


Lis Wright Ivec (Seattle)

Karner Blue
acrylic, egg tempera on panel
11” x 14” (framed in black frame)
ready to hang
The Karner blue (Plebejus melissa samuelis) is an endangered subspecies of small blue butterfly which was once found in significant numbers in Miller Beach, now part of the Indiana Dunes National Park. The butterfly is now mainly found in other parts of the Great Lakes states, such as Wisconsin and Michigan, in small areas of New Jersey, and also in southern New Hampshire, and the Capital District region of New York. The butterfly, whose life cycle depends on the wild blue lupine flower (Lupinus perennis), was classified as an endangered species in 1992. In May 2000, the Canadian Species at Risk Act listed the Karner blue as being locally extinct in Canada.

Lis Wright Ivec is a Seattle based artist who has studied in Italy and The Netherlands.

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