Monica Lisette-Sanchez "Sand Verbena Moth"

Monica Lisette-Sanchez "Sand Verbena Moth"


Monica Lisette-Sanchez (Seattle)

Sand Verbena Moth
watercolor on red rice paper
approx. 11” x13.5” including frame)
ready to hang

”I have been engrossed in artistic pursuits pretty much since my fingers could hold a pencil. I explore drawing, etching, painting, and computer graphics – anything that can further the visual impact and emotional communication of art.
I trace roots and influences back to New Jersey, and further back, to Mexico and Germany. With a father who entered the US in his twenties and a mother who emerged from Europe in the wake of World War II, neither of whom were eager to impress their cultural heritage upon their young daughter, I grew up inhabiting an in-between place. I draw in creative influences from the studies of historic pigments and techniques, from the many cultures pulsing through the Pacific Northwest, where I have made my new home, and from my struggle to preserve my impressions of my parent's experience and my own.

Ultimately it is about the tale that is told, remembered and filtered through time and old photographs. Then the plan to record the truth goes awry and imaginative twists of memory take the image to the place it needs to be. I want each painting to be a celebration of the power of visual images in story-telling.”

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