Natalia Czajkiewicz "Goodbye"

Natalia Czajkiewicz "Goodbye"


Natalia Czajkiewicz (Seattle)

acrylic and pencil on vintage paper
8.5" x 11" (framed 11" x 14")

Natalia Czajkiewicz is an artist and floating soul currently anchored in Seattle, Washington. She is inspired by women, human interaction, childhood memories and dreams, spells, water, internal alarms, nighttime, outer space, alchemy, mourning jewelry, and magic. Natalia's recent paintings are explorations of a dream state. Space, magic, and time are woven throughout these new works to create haunting vignettes. Layered, textured backgrounds made of geometric patterns create a web of detail, while mystical women rich in symbolism seem to guard a universe of her own creation. Primarily a painter, her recent work includes hand painted leather jackets and wooden coffins, custom stitched bandanas and handkerchiefs, and mystical paintings. Each piece is filled with emotional depth, depicting mystical women, celestial voyages, nostalgic hearts, darkness, light, life, and death.

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