Stacia Joy Grabber "Lange's Mormon Metalmark"

Stacia Joy Grabber "Lange's Mormon Metalmark"


Stacia Joy Grabber (WA)

Lange’s Mormon Metalmark
mixed media
5” x 5” (framed in shadowbox)
ready to hang

Lange’s Mormon Metalmark is an endangered subspecies of Metalmark Butterfly endemic to California, the Apodemia Mormo Langei. It is crafted from hand-cut mulberry paper, detailed with a variety of inks and acrylic paint, and scaled at 2x life size. In mimicry of traditionally pinned insect specimens, it is framed within an eco-friendly 5”x5” bamboo shadowbox on acid-free mats behind museum-quality UV-blocking and reflection-control glass for optimal display.

Born in the Midwest, I learned a love of land and animals before relocating to New England to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. I graduated in 2017 with a certificate in illustration. My artistic experience includes archival-quality framing, relief printing, and freelance illustration. Now located in Seattle, I have found my main focus in cut-paper art. Inspired by natural history and momento-mori art objects, I use this delicate but versatile medium to reflect themes of remembrance, reverence, curiosity, and exuberant love of self, others, and the natural world.

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