Tanya Sheremeta "Atala Butterfly"

Tanya Sheremeta "Atala Butterfly"

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Tanya Sheremeta (Seattle)

Atala Butterfly
giclee print
framed to 17” x 21” in black frame with glass
ready to hang
*also available unframed

The Atala butterfly, Eumaeus atala Poey, is the largest and most iridescent hairstreak in southeastern Florida. Due to the decline in the abundance and distribution of its host plant caused by overharvesting the root for starch production by early settlers, the Atala butterfly was thought to be extinct from 1937 until 1959 (Klots 1951; Rawson 1961). Although still considered rare with limited distribution, it can be found in local colonies where its host plant, coontie (Zamia integrifolia Linnaeus. f.), is used in butterfly gardens or as an ornamental plant in landscapes.
Tanya Sheremeta is a motion designer and illustrator who studied sculpture at Denison University and graphic design at Seattle Central Creative Academy. She draws inspiration from the intersection of technology and the arts, ecology, and the biodiversity of flora and fauna. These interests paired with a strong studio background has led her to pursue natural science illustration. Tanya believes ideas take precedence over medium and has an understanding that the application of a technique requires flexibility. She was born with busy hands and is creatively indiscriminate.

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