SANKTOLEONO Mating Snakes Ring

SANKTOLEONO Mating Snakes Ring



Mating Snakes Ring
Statement hand-carved ring in white bronze featuring two snakes during the "mating ritual." Rings in stock are White Bronze, closer to the tone in the first photo. Each ring varies slightly due to the handmade nature
The ring is slightly adjustable!

”Hi I'm Naya! I'm a jewelry designer based in Greece. I have a small lab in the heart of Athens where I design and manufacture my jewelry. The pairing of old and new forms the basis of the Sanktoleono creative process. Influenced by a background in Theological studies, ancient tribal religious symbols and motifs made from raw natural materials are processed using contemporary technology to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.
Aztec-like geometric motifs, primitive unprocessed mineral stones, raw brass and living, breathing materials like feathers make the stage of a mysterious ceremonial universe, both ancient and at the same time strangely futuristic.
For some of my designs I use simple CAD design methods and have them laser cut/etched as bronze prototypes in a laser cutting machine at a local print shop. Those are then refined and further sculpted by hand, by myself. 
I work with a local lab for my castings which I refine, cut, solder, oxidize and polish myself. Some of my jewelry is metal plated at an old local workshop near my lab.”

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