Marenthe Otten "The Empress"

Marenthe Otten "The Empress" Print
Marenthe Otten "The Empress" Print

Marenthe Otten "The Empress"


Marenthe Otten (Netherlands)

The Empress
8.3" x 12.8" print on archival paper

Marenthe studied at the Academy of Arts, Graphic Design and Illustration in Belgium, graduating cum laude in 1994. Soon after, Marenthe co-founded Studio 't Brandt Weer. She was instrumental in the company's development and success for 10 years, producing cutting edge designs that gained the Studio acclaim across the Netherlands.

Marenthe has a passion for creating and an unquashable desire to share the wonders of nature, love and happiness with the world. She does this from her shop and studio in The Hague, looking out over a beautiful garden visited, this time, by animals of the city. She shares the space with a talented silversmith, who is also her partner in crime (and creativity). 

Marenthe’s list of clients includes POST NL (Dutch Royal Mail), The Children's Book Museum, Succes Agenda and Philips. International clients include Musee Corse (Museum of Corsica, France), Elle Girl Korea and Roger La Borde London.

Marenthe’s work has been recognised in Europe, Asia and the United States. She has won a number of prestigious international awards, including a European Design Award (silver) and Merits from the Art Directors Club, New York. Marenthe was shortlisted for an award from the Type Directors Club Tokyo and has been nominated several times for the Dutch Design Awards.

As well as Marenthe (the brand), Marenthe (the person)  founded and designs a celebratory array of birth and wedding cards and stationery.

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